Cyber Offender Convicted

Odisha Crime Branch has secured conviction of cyber offender Jayanta Kumar Das of Satyanagar,  Sidhamahabir Patna, Puri. 

The accused has been convicted u/s 292/465/469/500 IPC read with section 66C/67/67A of Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008.
The Court of SDJM, Puri has sentenced the accused to imprisonment of  Six years on consecutive terms  and to pay a fine of Rs.9000.

The case was originally registered in Baselisahi Police Station of Puri on a complaint of Journalist Biswajit Patnaik.
The complainant had alleged that a fake profile was created in the name of his wife in a pornographic website called “” and various derogatory and obscene comments were posted in the website about his wife.
Mischievously and deliberately, his telephone number was also uploaded because of which Mr. Patnaik received a large number of obscene and unsolicited calls. 
The callers made derogatory comments about his wife and requested for wife-swapping. The FIR further alleged that the aforesaid illegal act was committed by Mr.Das against whose illegal activities the complainant  had made various newspaper publications as a Journalist.
 It was also stated in the FIR that Mr.Das was indulging in money lending and cheating of large number of innocent persons  for which many criminal cases had been registered against him in various Police Stations of Puri district.
Publication about his illegal activities and various criminal cases had infuriated Mr.Das who resorted to an offence of    cyber pornography  against the wife of the complainant  in order to take revenge. 

The investigation of the case was taken over by State Crime Branch during August, 2012. Technical Investigation clearly revealed that fake e-mail account in the name of the complainant and a fake profile in the name of his wife were created by Mr. Das.
Investigation also clearly revealed that Mr.Das was involved in at least in six serious criminal cases including  attempt to murder and illegal use of arms which were charge sheeted against him by various Police Stations of Puri.
Mr.Das was accordingly arrested and remanded to jail custody for over a period of over one month. After due investigation, the case was charge sheeted against Mr.Das during December, 2012 u/s 292/465/469/500 IPC read with 66C/67/67A of the Information Technology Act.
During the course of trial, prosecution produced 13 witnesses which included the Scientist of Central Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), Kolkata. 55 documents were exhibited.
On the basis of oral and documentary evidence, prosecution produced foolproof evidence against Mr.Das for having committed   acts of forgery, identity theft and cyber pornography.
The Court accepted the evidence and in a landmark judgment convicted accused Mr.Das u/s 292/465/469/500 IPC read with section 66C/67/67A of Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008.

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