Javadekar Favors DeMo Research

Union Minister For Human Resource Development , Prakash Javadekar has urged the authorities of Universities to go for research on current issues like Demonetization and New Economy in India.

Mr.Javadekar said that the Universities and Colleges are needed to go for research on the issues affecting the people and present day’s requirements, which will help the people with the results of research and study.

So the practical and current  issues are needed to be researched by the students of the Universities, not theoretical issues, which have little relevance in the present context.
Union Minister, Mr.Javadekar, while reviewing the Education Sector in Odisha here on 15 April, said Demonstration has ushered in a new economy and people are adopting for cashless system. He said this is a bold step by the Narendra Modi Government for betterment of economy and country.
He said Demonetization has brought qualitative change in the economic scenario, changes coming among the people and such economic reforms should be studied and researched in details in the changing environment.
Higher Education Secretary G VV Sarma, School & Mass Education Secretary Ranjan Chopra, Utkal University, Vice Chancellor A K Das, Ramadevi Women University Vice Chancellor Padmaja Mishra, Director IIT Bhubaneswar, R V Raja Kumar and other senior officials were present.
Mr.Javadekar said those teachers, who are interested only for research are needed to be engaged in research so that it will help in productive research and those interested in teaching those faculty are needed to be allowed for such actions.
Taking up both research and teaching by a single person will not be fruitful in the long run, pointed out he, while the Minister also responded positively to the suggestions that action oriented research by the faculties are needed to be recognized as “Research” experience.
Vice Chancellor Utkal University Prof Das said the teachers are undertaking action oriented research taken up by NSSO on Nutrition and several other issues.
However these action research experiences are not counted as “Research”, Prof.Das pointed out.
Union Minister Mr.Javadekar has agree to such a positive suggestion and said MHRD will look into the matter.
Vice Chancellor of R D Women’s’ University Prof.Mishra also harped on qualitative research, which was appreciated in the meeting.
In fact foreign universities are going for practical and current issues faced by the people and results of such research are benefitting the people at large.
So such initiatives are needed to be taken up by the Colleges and Universities of the country, said Mr.Javadekar.

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