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Now the readers can get an insight into the sector involving various animal species, technology, infrastructure, livestock owners, actors and agencies and trace the development in last few decades.

While going through the contents of book, the readers will be enriched with analytical and conceptual clarity of the livestock sector.
Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today released the book “Livestock Sector in Odisha” written by Bishnupada Sethi and G K Tripathy  gives a holistic picture about the livestock sector and its importance in Odisha.
The authors have carefully examined the conventional schemes and programs implemented by major players operating in the field and at the same time indicated possible new directions likely to be undertaken in future, to match the desired level.
This gives a lot of scope to different stakeholders like Researchers, Students, Academicians, Developmental Agencies, Livelihood Experts, Planners and Social Activists and other stakeholders to formulate further ideas for development basing on the information imbibed in the book. The book also highlights about the local animal germ-plasm, which are reared since Centuries.
In fact, livestock farming has proved to be a viable option in the rural areas of Odisha and it contributes to the livelihood of poorer sections significantly. Rearing various species like Cattle, Sheep, Goat, Pig and Poultry has been practiced by village communities for several generations.
Livestock, a valuable asset of rural farmers, contributes to food security, poverty alleviation and promotion of gender equity. Most of the rural families belonging to socio-economically weaker sections of the society depend on different species of livestock to supplement their income.
Livestock sector in Odisha has been performing very well during the recent years. As per the latest Survey Report, farmers’ average household monthly total real income in Odisha is found to have been doubled during the period from 2003 to 2013.
Contribution from Animal Farming was significant as there was 33.35 times increase in income from this source in the same period.
Moreover, some data collected through surveys like National Sample Survey -70th Round on “Livestock Ownership in India” have also been analyzed. This publication will provide information on distribution of livestock by different categories of household, land used for animal farming, households deriving major income from animal farming.
In this publication all the eight chapters are elaborated in a cogent manner to trigger the thinking process for future actions.
The authors have made a unique attempt to document such unexplored areas and unveiled the least priority areas for the common interest of the people is a praiseworthy effort. 

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