Aadhaar For Land Registration

In order to prevent fraudulent transactions in sale and purchase of land, the Union Government has come out with Aadhaar authentication for Registration purpose and urged the State Government to implement it in a time bound manner.

However application of Aadhaar will be on “Consent Based” not “Mandatory” as earlier, said officials.
With the Supreme Court clearly reminding the Union Government that acceptance of Aadhaar is “Voluntary”, not “Mandatory”, the Ministry of Rural Development in the Department of Land Resources has come out with “Acceptance of Consent Based Aadhaar Authentication Services”.
Union Joint Secretary Land Resources, Hukum Singh Meena has informed the State Government that Consent based Aadhaar authentication services will provide cost-effective and fully auditable method of requirements of Section 32 A of the Registration Act, 1908, which relates to “Compulsory Affixing of Photograph.
This will facilitate the executants by simplifying and quickening the registration process and also be a substantial step towards preventing and identifying benami or fraudulent transactions.
Mr.Meena has said that the use of Aadhaar in registration will need implementation in a manner that is administratively feasible and legally tenable, and in particular does not infringe various legal provisions contained in various acts.
He pointed out that enabling consent based Aadhaar authentication services in registration of documents will make the system citizen-friendly also substantially contribute toward the objective of preventing fraudulent transactions, which is in overall national and public interest.
Government of India has urged the State Government to provide internet connectivity and other requisite infrastructure for enabling such facilities.
Under this backdrop, Union Government has asked the State Administration to go for Integration of Computerized Registration with Digitized Land Records under the Digital India Land Records Modernization Program (DILRMP).
MoRD has stipulated various timeline for taking up the program and urged the State Government  to ensure it on a priority basis.

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