Opposition Divided

 The recently concluded panchayat elections have not only witnessed BJP’s growth in the state, but also clearly divided the opposition unity in the State Legislative Assembly.

The opposition Congress and BJP which often join hands to launch
attack on the BJD government so far, this time moved in opposite direction.

There is no coalition between the two opposition though
earlier they used to unite on issues.

The farmers’ suicide issue was raised in the assembly by both the
Congress and BJP.  But they speak in different language.

The House remained paralyzed for three consecutive days over the
farmer suicide issue, the Congress and BJP work in different manner.

There is a virtual competition between 16 Congress MLAs and BJP’s 10
Members to champion the cause of farmers.

When the Congress members attempted to raise the issue during the
question hour leading to adjournment of the House, the BJP members promptly raise their voice as soon the proceeding begins during the zero hour.

Leader of Opposition Congress Narasingha Mishra today criticized BJP
accusing it of raising farmers’ suicide issue to gain mileage. “They are not worried for the farmers, but attempt to take political benefit. They disrupt proceeding in order to get publicity,” Mr.Mishra said.

With opposition becoming a divided house, it is obvious that the
ruling party takes advantage. As the opposition has been fighting within themselves,  the treasury bench take it as an amusement.

As a result of which the people’s issue remained confined to fight
among parties in the assembly. Since the opposition continues to fight, the ruling party also keep on people that both the parties are trying to score over other.

The role of opposition in democracy is considered to be important as
they keep the government in order. If they fight, who will control the Treasury Bench? The BJD may run the Government by using divide and rule policy.

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