Poverty Free Panchayats

While Government of India has targetted 50,000 Gram Panchayats to be made “Poverty Free” in the Country, at least 1342 Gram Panchayats in Odisha has been allocated to be made “ Free From Poverty” by 2 October, 2019.

Union Government has informed the State Government in this regard and has urged to take up the selection process of these Gram Panchayats immediately and program implementation starts from 1 April, 2017 to ensure that those are removed from depriviation and backwardness by Gandhi Jayanti 2019.

Amarjeet Sinha, Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development has written to the State Government that this is being taken up under Mission Antyodaya, which is a partnership of Central and State Government to improve wellbeing of One Crore Households.

This move will address all the dimensions of poverty through convergent action and a saturation appraoch under existing schemes by 2 October, 2019, Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birth Aniversary.

While chosing 1342 Gram Panchayat(GP)s out of 6665 GPs in Odisha, MoRD has taken into account the demography and the depriviation in the State.These are the poorest ones so far population below the poverty line and their deprivation is acute, sources said.

While earlier Mission Antyodaya took up issues like Open Defecation Free, Water Conservation, Sansad Adarsh Gram, Rurban Cluster, Crime and Dispute Free etc. , this time the Mission will take up Poverty Free Plans in the GPs, said Mr.Sinha.

MoRD has urged the State Government to complete the process of selection at the earliest to enable interventions through a Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP).

Mr.Sinha has underlined the need that priority be assigned to those Gram Panchayats in all the Central and State Schemes to ensure adequate investments for improvement.

Baseline Indicators for every Gram Panchyats will be developed early so as to work towards the removal of deprivation and backwardness.

MoRD is developing an web based system of reporting and monitoring of these issues from time to time and will be redefining development indicators.

While selecting GPs, it is important to ensure Gram Panchayat’s commitment towards becoing “Poverty Free” and these institutions should resolve that they want to become Poverty Free.

The process will be in a particiaptory apporach and Development Plans are needed to be structured in that way, pointed out Mr.Sinha.

While MoRD has allocated 1342 GPs, the selection of the GPs to be taken up by the State Government by 31 March to enable a saturation approach program implementation from 1 April, said he.

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