BJP Demands Minister Sack

State BJP today demanded the sacking of Agriculture Minister Pradeep Maharathy from the Council of Ministers for the unabated farmers’ suicide cases.

BJP Spokesperson, Sajjan Sharma told a Media Meet here that it is suprising that the Government so far not made any effort to curb the situation arising due to rising number of farmers suicide cases nor it has made any provision to provide the affected farmers relief in any manner.
“There is no coordination among departments to provide irrigation facilities, loans or fertilizers and seeds to the farmers. The Agriculture Minister has no sympathy for the aggrieved farmers. He is just remaining content with asking officials to get a report on the cases,” Mr.Sharma said.

Further, Mr.Sharma alleged, the Minister is also trying to shift blame on the official in every case, the BJP leader added.
He said the farmers are paying water cess but the irrigation water is never reaching their land and they run from pillar to post to avail Cooperative loan for farming as a result of which they secure loan from money lenders at a high rate of interest.
The Chief Minister, hence, should immediately relieve the Agriculture Minister from his post, Mr.Sharma demanded.     

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