Smart Meters For City

Smart Metering Solution Process has been mooted in both the Smart Cities of the State, which will make the entire process automated and it will curb theft of power, loss of transmission and distribution.

State Government has initiated the process for Smart Metering in Bhubaneswar and Rourkela, which are declared as Smart Cities and various projects are being taken up for such an innovative initiative.
Hemant Sharma, Secretary Energy and CMD GRIDCO and OPTCL held discussion with the various Consulatants, who have been asigned the job to prepare Detailed Project Reports (DPR)s.
For Bhubaneswar, PFC Consulting Limited has been engaged to prepare DPR, which is expected to be available in April and Rourkela DPR will be prepared by REC TPCL and it will be made availbale in June, said sources in Department of Energy.
As the Government of India is supporting the Smart Grid Technology in the 100 Plus Smart Cities, Odisha has taken the lead in this regard.
30 Percent of the Project cost will come from National Smart Grid Mission and rest 70 Percent will be various sources.
Consumers will not be charged more for putting Smart Meters as the Project Proponents will be working on Revenu Sharing Model.
With setting up Smart Meters loss of energy on the count of distribution will go down and the Project Proponents will receive their revenue from the saving, said sources.

There are 1.50 Lakh Conventional Electronic Meters in Bhubaneswar and 75,000 Meters in Rourkela cities.
While Electronic Meters only measures the amount of electricity utilized, a Smart Meter is used to measure the utilization and then transmit the reading to a Data Centre.
So all these Electronic Meters will be replaced by Smart Meters and these are wireless ones, which will operate without human interventions.
The Meter Reader will not go to the house to collect data from the Meter. All the data collected from the Meter will be uploaded on the internet of the customers and they will be able to access it using their smart phones.
Moving forward, Smart Meters will help to understand the consumption patterns of the users and help them save money by keeping track of their usuage.
This will give them a clear idea about hourly, daily even per minute consumption of energy in their households.
Consumption pattern will be known to the consumers and they be able in utilizing the energy intelligently as using more number of units in peak hours will cause the bill to be higher.
As the consumers will be able to access the data on their mobile/tablent/personal computers, they will be able to cut their expenses using simple strategies, for example not using water heaters or other more power consuming gadets during peak hours, said an expert.

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