Barb Over Ravenshaw VC

The controversy over ‘political interference’ in State’s premier educational institution Ravenshaw University refused to die even today with a war of words raging among the political opponents.

Former Higher Education Minister,  Samir Dey said that it would have been prudent on the part of Ravenshaw Vice Chancellor Prakash Sarangi to name the politicians who interfered in the day to day affairs of the University or instigated the students to indulge in violence.
Governing BJD Lawmaker, Pravat Biswal asserted that the VC was empowered to tackle issue of the University if it affected the smooth running of the academic activities.
“If the VC can not name the political leader interfering in the varsity affairs, he should better quit,” Mr.Dey added.
State Congress Treasurer Mohammad Moquim blamed the Choudwar-Cuttack BJD MLA Prabhat Biswal for the irregularities and controversies at Ravenshaw University.
“The VC has been duly empowered by the Executive Committee meeting to act against those who indulged in unlawful activities or vitiated academic atmosphere,” Mr.Biswal, who was alleged to have interfered with the University affairs along with another BJD Lawmaker ,Debashis Samantray, told Media.
 “I am only doing my duty as an Executive Committee member and not interfering in the day to day affairs. The vice-chancellor should take action against the erring students,” said Mr.Biswal.
Prof.Sarangi, meanwhile, stirred a hornets’ nest today by stating that, “Like other educational institutions, there is also political interference in the affairs of Ravenshaw University. However, no particular political party rather various political groups are active in the campus.”
Prof.Sarangi further said that, the entire responsibility of the management of the university should solely be given to the varsity authorities.
 Notably, an anguished Vice Chancellor had complained of ‘political interference’ in the running of the varsity affairs while putting in his papers last week though he did not name any political leader.
The BJP had blamed the State Government over Prof.Sarangi’s resignation while Higher Education Minister Pradeep Panigrahi had vehemently denied the allegation.
The allegation was lent credence after both Mr.Biswal and Mr.Samantray met the VC the next day though it was not known what transpired during their talks.

The BJP Youth Wing held demonstrations across the State in front of the universities to protest ‘political interference’ in the educational institution.

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