MSI For Smart City

Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) has approved the Master System Integrator (MSI), the backbone of the Bhubaneswar Smart Solutions Project.

Dr.Krishna Kumar, Managing Director, BSCL sources said MSI would cost around Rs 585 crore.
This will integrate services like smart traffic management, parking management, City Wi Fi,  emergency response system, integrated city operations and management system and smart tracking management system for multi-modal city transport and city surveillance under the smart city.
As part of Bhubaneswar Smart City program, the State Government intends to transform city governance and public service delivery by leveraging technology.

 In order to achieve this goal, the State Government had earlier approved Bhubaneswar Smart Solutions Project.
The project will be executed over a period of 24 months from the date of signing of contract with a capital expenditure of about Rs. 350 crore. Tenders for the Projects have been floated by BSCL.

The Tender papers can be accessed from BMC and BDA websites.
The contract will also provide for operation and maintenance of the systems for a period of seven years from the date of commissioning of the entire system at an operational expenditure of Rs 235 crore.

The project will comprise several components such as smart traffic management module. 
It will focus on reducing traffic congestion and improve commuting experience. Traffic signaling, traffic network flow monitoring, variable signage, red light violation detection at 25 major intersections and e-challan system will be a part of this module.
Smart tracking management application, the Computer Aided Dispatch and Automated Vehicle Location system will furnish tracking, monitoring and dispatch of about 475 public service vehicles like PCR vans, ambulances, fire service trucks, water tankers, and municipal solid waste carriers.
Smart parking management system will provide an efficient and customer-friendly parking management system for the city. This will include up to 5,500 units of on-street and 1500 multilevel car parking lots. The availability and booking of parking spots can be done over a mobile app.
Emergency Management and Incident Response System will be monitoring daily operations, the system will consist of a surveillance system through 850 fixed and 150 PTZ CCTV cameras, 30 call boxes to trigger emergency services.
Under the City Wi-Fi component, the proposed city-wide fiber-optic (OFC) network will be setup. Total 1800 Wi-Fi access points will be installed which shall provide free Internet connectivity to users for first 30 minutes or 50 MB (whichever happens earlier) at 2 Mbps download per user per session.
The Intelligent City Operations and Management Centre (ICOMC) with video wall of 40,000 Square Feet will provide centralized operations control.
State Government is fully backing the BSCL to make the Capital City, the smartest one in the country, said the official.

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