Babu Shock For Government

Though the BJD Government in Odisha is often accused of being
pro-officer oriented, of late it is seen that some of the officials have put the State Administration in embarrassment.

While Agriculture Minister Pradeep Maharathy has been accused of misleading the Odisha Legislative Assembly over his statement in the farmer suicide case in Bargarh district, the State finally shifted Koraput District Collector Jayakumar V in order to pacify a situation of confrontation with the officials in Koraput.

Mr.Jayakumar put the State Government in trouble when he suspended as well as
transferred 11 employees over a dispute relating to according
permission for land of Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan’s chopper at Borigumma in Koraput district.

The situation become so tensed that the government had to ask the young IAS Officer  to report  to the Department of General Administration without assigning any assignment. He was replaced by Bolangir PD DRDA Anupam Saha, another  young and down to earth IAS Officer from Western Odisha’s backward Kalahandi district’s Kesinga town.

Similarly, Bargarh District Collector Anjan Kumar Manik had put Minister Agriculture, Pradeep Maharathy in trouble over suicidal death of Khainu Bagarti alias Hadu.

Though the Minister was to give a statement in the Assembly in wake of the opposition stalling the House, Mr.Manik refused to visit the house of
the farmer, Khainu Bagarti, who committed suicide. He instead deputed local tehsildar and an Assistant Agriculture Officer to probe into the death of the farmer.

As Bagarti’s wife has alleged, the officials did not visit house of 
the deceased farmer and made the report. Now the Government is stands exposed when Bagarti’s wife revealing the truth. This incident also indicated how the Collectors prepare report on the farmer death cases.

“It is not necessary for the Collector to personally visit the spot 
for inquiry but presents report on basis of findings of the field officer,” Mr.Manik told Media.

“In this case the report was given on basis of the joint inquiry done by the Tehsildar and Assistant Agriculture Officer,” he added.

While Bagarti’s wife, Kalabati had said, “No one had visited our home, we do not know of anyone visiting us, they are telling lies, we have never

A neighbour of Hadu, identified as Kusa had criticised the Minister’s statements saying, “It is a shameful statement towards the farmers of
this locality. A family was married for the last 35 years without any quarrel and now when a farmer has died, the leaders do not have any compassion in their heart.”

BJP National Secretary Suresh Pujari has targeted Mr.Maharathy accusing
him of presenting false report in the Assembly.

“Attributing Bagarty’s suicide to domestic quarrel by the Agriculture 
Minister is untruth, unfortunate, distasteful & also disgraceful,” he said. “Had it been the reason of suicide, all the husbands would have been dead by now”, Mr.Pujari mentioned in his twitter page.

This is not all, District Collectors of some other districts also create 
problem for the Government as allegations have been pouring against

“While the District Magistrates are termed as “Eyes And Ears” of the State Administration and were supposed to solve problem, they are not

creating embarrassment for the Government”, said a former Minister Revenue and Disaster Management.

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