Naveen Perfectly Well

Call it a mischievous campaign or name something else, there should be no doubt that  Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is in the target
of vested interest groups.

These groups want to create disturbance in the
Government and in the Party.

Mr.Patnaik, who used to not to respond to any call, was today happy to 
announce that he is fit and fine so far his health is concerned.

“Main Bilkul Thik Thak Hun (I am perfectly well),” Naveen said while ending the day-long whisper over his health condition.

Naveen also said that the content of the Social media was not at all right. (Bilkul Sanch Nahin).

The news portal also said that Naveen will leave for US for
treatment and remain away from the state for four months.

The media report became a hot topic of discussion on social media with leaders from different political parties seeking to hear from the Chief Minister's Office (CMO) about his health.

The CMO, however, did not make any official announcement on Mr.Patnaik's health while CM personally gave clarification.

It is suspected that some people, who have utterly failed to create any disturbance in the Naveen’s Government, might have active hand
behind the news.
Though the news item was published on February
17, it came to the limelight only today with a state based news portal carrying the story as it is.

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